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Evexipel hormone pellet therapy is a safe, efficient, and consistent method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). A Younger You Med Spa offers DeLand hormone therapy to those who are seeking to improve their wellness and overall quality of life.




Hormone Imbalance




What is BHRT?

BHRT is widely considered a safer and more natural alternative to HRT, or traditional hormone replacement therapy because it uses hormones that are chemically identical to those which are naturally produced by the body versus synthetic hormones.

Pellet therapy is the most advanced form of BHRT, as hormones are released at a rate that is determined by the body through cardiac output. In contrast, other hormone replacement methods such as oral or transdermal therapy produce sudden surges of hormones which then suddenly drop. These sudden changes in hormone levels can cause extreme changes in mood and energy. Pellet therapy is also the most convenient BHRT option. As soon as the pellet is implanted, it will immediately begin to deliver replacement hormones to the body without the hassle of taking daily oral medication or applying cream multiple times a day.

Benefits of Evexipel Pellet Therapy

As hormone levels have such a wide-reaching influence over how the body functions, Evexipel pellet therapy can provide a wide range of benefits.

Pellet therapy has been proven to improve emotional control, improve cognitive function such as concentration and memory, increase energy, decrease incontinence, reduce migraines or menstrual headaches, decrease fat, treat vaginal dryness, improve sleep, relieve depression and anxiety, improve urinary urgency, and frequency, promote sexual wellness, reduce hot flashes, increase muscle strength, improve bone density, and help prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Evexipel pellet therapy is also convenient and minimally invasive.

A Bioidentical Solution to Hormone Imbalance

Hormones play an enormous role in how the body functions.

Hormones affect everything from immune health, appetite, emotional wellness, digestive health, and libido. Imbalances or changes in hormone levels can therefore influence overall wellness in a big way. At A Younger You, we know that when your hormones don’t feel right, nothing feels right. That’s why we offer Evexipel BHRT Hormone Pellet Therapy to help you restore your hormones to the level that feels right to you.



Many patients report an adjustment period following Evexipel pellet insertion, as the body adjusts to new hormone levels. Changes such as weight gain, breast tenderness, and emotional or mental changes may occur, but can be expected to last only a few days. After this adjustment period, you can expect to experience improved sleep, improved mood, increased energy, and other BHRT benefits.


What to Expect During Your Evexipel Pellet Therapy Treatment

Before pellet insertion, a blood test will be performed to determine your proper hormone replacement therapy dosage. Blood thinners such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin should not be taken for one week before your pellet insertion procedure.

    Based on the information provided by your blood test results, a customized Evexipel pellet (or pellets) will have been made for you. As dosage cannot be altered after insertion, you may also be asked to use other hormonal treatments temporarily to help establish the proper dosage before your procedure. Each pellet is approximately the size of a grain of rice. The pellet insertion procedure is easy, and painless for most. When you arrive, a local anesthetic will be administered and the pellet(s) will be inserted through a very small incision. Pellets are best absorbed when implanted in fatty tissue. For this reason, pellets are most commonly inserted in the hip. Once insertion is complete, the insertion site will be lightly dressed (there are no sutures required) and you will be able to return to your regular daily activities immediately. The insertion procedure typically takes less than 20 minutes!


      Recovery from Evexipel pellet insertion is minimal. You will be able to remove your bandage 24 hours after your procedure and replace bandages as needed for several days. It is important to keep your wound dry for 24 hours. After that, you may shower but it is recommended to avoid soaking the wound for several days.

      A Younger You Med Spa is a premier provider of Evexipel hormone therapy in DeLand. If you are interested in learning more about pellet therapy, the procedure, or how you can benefit from this superior BHRT option, please contact our office during normal business hours to schedule your consultation.


        Hormone Pellet Therapy FAQs

        What are the side effects of Evexipel pellet therapy?

        Because Evexipel pellet therapy utilizes bioidentical hormones, the body will not reject the hormones and should respond as it would to the hormones which it produces naturally. However, some side effects may occur. Some patients have reported acne, irritability, or aggressiveness. Women may experience breast tenderness, severe headaches, spotting, or cramping. Occasionally, scarring may develop at the insertion site. Very rarely, the pellet itself may come out of the skin.

        Does Evexipel pellet insertion hurt?

        Most patients report that they experience minimal to no pain during Evexipel pellet insertion. However, a local anesthetic will be used to decrease or eliminate any potential discomfort.

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